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‍‍‍OF‍‍‍ GODS

The princess who captivated the heart of a God; Elara was the love of Zeus. Her spirit and essence are expressed in the Elara jewellery collection from H.Azeem London.

ccording to ancient mythology, the Greek God of Lightning fell in love with Elara, a mortal princess. To keep her from his wife Hera, Zeus hid Elara deep beneath the Earth to keep their love alive.‍‍‍


H.Azeem London’s Elara collection is inspired by the starred night sky with Druzy stones and shiny sparkles to brighten up every look.

The collection offers earrings, studs, hoops, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and double rings in a number of distinctive colour schemes:

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Chic yet sleek, these beautiful items are made of Rhodium-plated 925 Silver featuring silver flat Druzy stones.


Star Blue

Created to radiate vibrant energy with 18K Gold plated over 925 Silver and fitted with blue flat druzy.


925 Silver plated ‍‍‍with 18K Rose Gold with coffee flat druzy stones.

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