In light of this, Montblanc recently launched the new MB 01 Smart Wireless Headphones and Summit 2+ Smartwatch aimed at connected luxury business travellers.


The products were launched at a global launch event in New York City attended by celebrity guests such as Brand Ambassador Hugh Jackman, actor/singer Quincy Brown, actor Dylan Sprouse, models Martha Hunt and Emily DiDonato and singer/songwriter Gabriel Kane Day-Lewis.

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Mobile and successful business travellers need to stay connected at all times. In between flights and transits are precious little moments where critical emails are shot back and forth and important decisions are made, all through tiny electronic devices sitting the grasp of our palms.


Connecting the right accessories to our devices enhance their functionality, allowing us to better exploit their usefulness, as we navigate our busy lifestyles. Whilst not a tech company in its roots, Montblanc has recognized the needs of its clientele for not just items of luxury, but sophistication and connectivity too.

Connecting Smart

Montblanc’s new MB 01 Smart Wireless Headphones and Summit 2+ Smart Watch are the perfect companions to your mobile devices.



For one night only, the World of McIntosh Townhouse, a historic building in New York’s SoHo neighbourhood, was transformed into an immersive Montblanc experience with guests relaxing in Business Class Lounge Seats equipped with headphones and touch screens that allowed them to put the headphone functions to the test in a travel environment. The volume of the tracks by DJ Pamela Tick inside the party proved the perfect test environment for the headphone’s noise cancellation technology.