SUEN Celebrates 10 Years In Malaysia & Welcomes a New Generation of Milestones

Marking their 10th anniversary in 2020, Malaysian fine jewellery boutique SUEN rebrands visually, all poised to welcome a new generation of SUEN clientele into the world of fine jewellery.


“For the past ten years, we’ve walked alongside our discerning customers, celebrating every milestone of theirs and sharing with them the wonders of fine jewellery. In the coming decade, we wish to do the same with the next generation of SUEN women, and to embark with them on their journey through life,” says SUEN’s chief executive officer, Lee Sze Suen.

A SUEN legacy, the fine jewellery boutique is renowned for not only the superlative quality of their diamonds and gemstones but also their intimate setting and bespoke experiences. From one’s first step into the showroom till their last step out, SUEN’s team of jewellery experts ensure the highest level of service, presenting customers with an experience just as unforgettable as the jewellery.


Guided by the motto “With knowledge comes passion”, each customer leaves the boutique a blooming aficionado with a deep understanding of the value of their purchase.

Eternal Brilliance For Any Occasion

A Gem Paved Journey

Marking an occasion with a diamond is a long-established tradition, with these gifted pieces often becoming cherished family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.


With that in mind, the SUEN team continually seeks out high quality gems that meet the most stringent standards to create refined pieces, both timeless in style and beauty. This journey of meticulous sourcing and selection can often be long and arduous, making each piece of jewellery a treasure to behold.


Owning their own atelier, all the SUEN brand’s jewellery pieces are created in-house with the passion and expertise of their designers and master artisans, affording them the luxury to often design and create one-of-a-kind pieces for their clientele.

SUEN’s stellar craftsmanship can be attributed to the atelier’s state-of-the-art technology, ranging from the latest machinery in jewellery manufacturing including 3D-printing, computer-aided design and manufacturing, as well as laser technology. Combined with the exceptional skills of SUEN’s designers and master artisans, each piece of jewellery is brought to life with the utmost precision and care.


“Having a piece of jewellery crafted or selected just for you is a divine experience and I’ve had the honor to bring that to many men and women in the past 10 years with SUEN,” says personal jeweller and gemologist, Lin Tan. “Selecting a gem is about one that not only looks right, but feels right and taking our clients on that journey is what makes SUEN unlike any other,” she continues.

“With knowledge comes passion”

Exclusivity At Its Finest

Over the last decade, SUEN has carefully curated and forged exclusive partnerships with internationally acclaimed fine jewellery brands the likes of FOPE, Giorgio Visconti, Hodel Switzerland, Palmiero and Mariani, and earlier this year officiated the launch of FOPE’s first boutique in Asia at SUEN.


With their clients in mind, these brands are selected for their unique designs and superior craftsmanship offering their clients a wider selection of exclusive pieces from everyday luxury to high jewellery. SUEN’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the best for their clients has placed them in high regard among fine jewellery lovers, and has garnered them an international network of clients throughout the years.

Ringing in the new decade, SUEN introduced their Diamond Rewards Program, granting customers redeemable luxury items ranging from fine jewellery, bespoke gifts as well as ambrosial home fragrances from Agraria San Francisco.


Membership is complimentary to anyone who makes a purchase from SUEN.

SUEN At Every Milestone

When it comes to any momentous occasion, SUEN is ready to celebrate with you. From purchasing your first gemstone, to creating your own uniquely designed heirloom piece, SUEN walks beside you through the journey of life, commemorating every milestone with exquisite jewellery for clients to cherish.

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