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In ‘No Man is an Island’, the English poet John Donne meditated on the indelible marks left on one’s life by the people whom they love and cherish. Inspired by his reflective prose on the subtle bonds and interconnectedness between individuals, Chow Tai Fook unveils five beautifully-crafted pieces in the T Mark Echo of Love Collection. Each stunning ring and pendant upholds the distinct types of love that completes an individual’s existence.


The sophisticated T MARK series features a collection of designs in 18K white gold, with four striking heart-shaped prongs that reminisces the different types of love – for one’s family, friends, lovers, and more importantly, one’s self.

T MARK Echo of Love Collection – Honouring the Ones that Matter

Beginning with the intimate Echo of Love Collection, the 18K White Gold Diamond Ring, in two delicate and classic band renditions, feature a stunning T MARK diamond cradled by each heart-shaped prong pointing towards each other and highlighting the beautiful symmetry of the finely cut diamond. Radiantly poised and splendidly centred, the rings truly embody the meaning of the tender White Valentine’s Day.



Chow Tai Fook honours the Season of Love with the T Mark Echo of Love and Chow Tai Fook Little Gift Collection.

Evoking a sense of purity and sincerity, the colour white beckons the fresh start of new beginnings and the cherishing of relationships. Chow Tai Fook launches an intimate collection in celebration of White Valentine’s Day (14 March), introducing several immaculately-crafted jewellery pieces in delicate white gold – perfect gifts befitting of the sentimental occasion.

Also spotlighted is an 18K White Gold Diamond Pendant, which encapsulates the passionate commitment of love on this special day. Just like a flower in bloom, the hearts cradle that which illuminates even the most sincere of emotions – an exquisite presentation of one’s true feelings towards another.

The second half of the bespoke series hints at the deep infinity of a person’s love for the ones that matter. The collection’s 18K White Gold Diamond Ring and 18K White Gold Diamond Pendant specially features a diamond locked in a firm figure-8 embrace; a symbol of the infinite promise to cherish and love each other now and for forevermore.

Besides the T Mark Echo of Love Collections, the Chow Tai Fook Little Gift Collection applauds the transformation and coming of age of our little girls. Amidst a landscape of rising and falling fashion trends, our girls discover that the key to shining in it isn’t conspicuousness, but a diverse range of accessories that enhance their daily assemble, reveal their natural beauty and exhibit their candour.

Chow Tai Fook Little Gift Collection – A Metamorphosis in Progress

The delicate, unaffected, and modernistic design of this three-piece collection engenders a multiplicity of impressive styles. From a classic heart-shape, to an  intricately-woven cord and ring pendant, each jewellery piece in the series is finely-crafted and modestly-shaped. Understated yet elegant and classy, each 18K White Gold Diamond Necklace liberates girls to freely express their ingenious characters and intrinsic charms.


This collection serves as an empowering reminder to our little girls as they blossom into the women they are destined to be. Beauty doesn’t need to be overtly pretentious to be memorable, but demonstrative of one’s inner narrative and authenticity.