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2020 Volvo Cars & Aurizn EcoDesign Challenge by duduk

With the introduction of an ambitious, daring new brand called duduk by EcoWorld, comes the opportunity for interior designers to embark on an unprecedented challenge of applying Volvo Car's design philosophy into their designs and standing a chance to win an opportunity to design actual duduk homes. Design contracts worth more than RM4 million* in total to be won and six months usage of the Volvo XC60 T8 Twin Engine await all winners.

Participants of the Volvo Cars & Aurizn EcoDesign Challenge stand a chance to win interior design contracts worth more than RM4 million* in total to furnish actual duduk by EcoWorld units which will be the dream homes to many – making this an extraordinary opportunity to not only showcase the capabilities of the winning firms, but also to actualise their award-winning designs into actual living spaces.

Design trends evolve over time, but certain qualities remain timeless. Elegance and simplicity never go out of date, whilst attributes such as functionality and sustainability will always carry importance in our daily lives. These values form the pillars in Scandinavian design philosophy that is commonly admired by all.


The Volvo Cars & Aurizn EcoDesign Challenge seeks to impart these values by inspiring interior designers to incorporate the essence of Scandinavian design philosophy, which is also the guiding design and engineering principle of all Volvo Car models, into actual homes that Malaysians can own in the near future.

Made possible by a three-party collaboration with Volvo Car Malaysia, lifestyle publishing house Aurizn, and duduk by EcoWorld, the 2020 Volvo Cars & Aurizn EcoDesign Challenge offers all Malaysian interior design firms a prestigious platform to showcase their skills and creativity.

Applying Scandinavian design values into Malaysian homes.

A design creativity platform open for all Malaysian ID firms.

Interior designing contracts worth more than RM4 million* to be won

The anchor of the Volvo Cars & Aurizn EcoDesign Challenge is duduk by EcoWorld, an exciting newly-launched development aimed at a younger generation of urban dwellers who want easy entry homeownership and a modern high-rise lifestyle whilst living life to the fullest. Properties of duduk by EcoWorld are generously-sized at 1,000 sq ft per unit, priced attractively, yet complete with club house facilities and is surrounded by beautiful landscaping in a self-sustaining township.



Select the best completed home projects done by your firm to submit.


Submissions must include the living area, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.


Captions of each post should include a short description of the project in 100 words or fewer mentioning its layout size, the URL along with the following tags and hashtags: @aurizn







Email the link of your post and the following documents to [email protected] for verification purposes.

β€’ Form 9

β€’ Form 24

β€’ Form 49

These documents will be kept classified and will not be disclosed to any third party.


Follow these steps and submit your entries today!


On your firm's official Facebook / Instagram, post up drawings, renders, and actual completed photos of each project. Each post must include the two visuals below.

(Click to download hi-res)

Firms are welcomed to submit more than one project, but each project needs to be submitted in separate posts.


Six months usage of the Volvo XC60 T8.

Winning firms get to enjoy half a year complimentary usage of the Volvo XC60 T8 Twin Engine compliments from Volvo Car Malaysia.

The Finalists

The finalists will be announced online and will be given the challenge to design the interior furnishings of an actual property unit of duduk by EcoWorld within a given budget.

A total of six winners will be selected. Each winner will receive a contract to furnish an entire floor of units in duduk by EcoWorld projects and six months complimentary usage of the Volvo XC60 T8 Twin Engine from Volvo Car Malaysia.

The Winners

*Terms & Conditions apply