ASICS launched their brand-new collections across product categories – Performance Running, Core Performance Sports, and ASICS SPORTSTYLE and Apparel – during its ASICS Autumn Winter 2023 Media Preview Day held in Bangkok, Thailand. Located at Urban Yard.


The space was split into four distinct concepts to invite discovery of various ASICS collections, initiatives, and fringe activities. Media friends, partners and brand ambassadors including across the Southeast Asia region, from actors Hariz Hamdan, Tay Tawan, Pon Nawasch, Toey Pongsakorn, and Neng Sarun to ultra-marathoner Natalie Dau, Miss Universe 2019 Gazini Ganados and more were introduced to the latest collections that featured state of the art product innovations designed to improve performance, across categories from sports to fashion.

To commemorate ASICS’ continued efforts towards sustainability at the AW23 Media Preview Day, the brand collaborated with Thai social activist turned artist WISHULADA, to create unique and purposeful art installations around the event space which utilises old ASICS footwear and apparel. This included the ASICS logo in an upcycled form to spotlight the brand’s lowest carbon emitting shoe, ASICS GEL-LYTE™ III CM 1.95.

Guests were also introduced to ASICS’ latest line-up in the Core Performance Sports category which shone a spotlight on the launch of the limited-edition GEL-RESOLUTION 9 Tennis Shoe in collaboration with high fashion house BOSS. Designed for Italian Tennis Champion Matteo Berrettini, the latest model combines ASICS’ advanced technology for baseline players with a sleek and modern design inspired by BOSS’ dapper house style. Moreover, ASICS’ ACTIBREEZE AW23 line-up is developed with advanced breathability for performance enhancement while the AW23 NAGINO Collection has been crafted for women to inspire body confidence and enable women to move undistracted and freely. In conjunction, ASICS also launched the Move Every Mind study, a global initiative to tackle exercise inequality and to push forward the messaging of the positive impact movement has on mental health benefits and function.

“ASICS is firmly rooted in the founding philosophy of “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body” in a bid to improve both the body and mind through movement in sports and exercises. The new Autumn Winter 2023 collection aims to inspire all within the community to move their bodies to positively impact their mental and physical health.”  – Yogesh Gandhi, Managing Director of ASICS Southeast Asia

Under the Performance Running category, guests were immersed in the brand’s philosophy of Sound Mind, Sound Body through new and improved the brand’s legacy models, including the GEL-CUMULUS 25, GEL-KINSEI MAX and GEL-KAYANO 30 that endeavor to enhance running performance. Most notably, guests were introduced to the latest 30th anniversary iteration of the ASICS GEL-KAYANO™ series - the GEL-KAYANO™ 30 – that is designed for a more comfortable and stable ride with the 4D GUIDANCE SYSTEM™. To put the shoe to the test, regional guests had the first-hand opportunity to participate in the GEL-KAYANO™ 30 Running Clinic held earlier in the day, that has been designed with stability-centric workouts while having the opportunity to learn about the shoe’s illustrious 30-year legacy.

Housing the latest ASICS SPORTSTYLE launches is the ASICS SPORTSTYLE Café within the venue site. Trailblazing in the SPORTSTYLE category, the ASICS AW23 Collection combines form, function and fashion to put forth reimagined models of the GT-2160, JAPAN S ST and EX89. Through the eyes of fashion house Cecile Bahnsen, the ASICS GT-2160 harmonises everyday couture intricacies of hyper feminine form and embellishments fused with ASICS’ technical expertise. The JAPAN S ST model amps the iconic basketball silhouette with improved cushioning and modern properties, while the latest iteration of the EX89 flashes new colourways on top of the inaugural introduction last year.


Shop new products from the ASICS Autumn Winter 2023 collection at ASICS stores, department stores, leading stores nationwide and via online at ASICS.COM.

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Stability never felt better

Nothing feels better than moving with Asics' latest Autumn Winter 2023 product lineup.