Global sports company PUMA has joined forces with Mercedes-AMG to unveil their latest collaboration – the AMG Giant collection for Autumn Winter 2023!


The AMG Giant collection draws inspiration from the iconic G-Wagon and its commanding presence on the road. Like the G-Class itself, this collection exudes boldness and confidence, pushing boundaries with its design elements and distinctive color blocking.


The collection boasts a range of apparel, accessories, and footwear that exemplify the seamless integration of power, perfection, and passion. The apparel line sports dynamic color combinations with eye-catching patterns and contrasting shades that reflect the vibrant energy of the car.

MAPF1 AMG Maco Sneaker • RM 579

BMW MMS Trinity Mid WTR • RM 479

Ferrari RS-X • RM 529

Porsche Legacy CA PRO LUX • RM 539

MAPF1 MT7 Track Pants • RM 459

BMW MMS MT7 Pants • RM 429

Ferrari Race Sweat Shorts • RM 359

Porsche Legacy ESS Shorts • RM 249

MAPF1 AMG BB Cap • RM 159

BMW MMS Garage Crew Cap • RM 159

Ferrari SPTWR Race BB Cap • RM 159

Porsche Legacy BB Cap • RM 159

AMG Statement Woven Jacket • RM 749

BMW MMS MT7 JacketPro Blue-M Color • RM 499

Ferrari Race MT7 Track  Jacket • RM 529

Porsche Legacy Statement Hoodie • RM 599

AMG Statement Tee • RM 249

BMW MMS ESS Logo Tee• RM 199

Ferrari Race Graphic Tee • RM 249

Capturing the essence of the G-Wagon and AMG’s relentless pursuit of innovation, the PUMA x Mercedes-AMG Motorsport "AMG Giant" collection is an invitation to fasten your seatbelt, embrace the exhilarating G-vibes, and immerse yourself in a world where style meets performance.


The "AMG Giant" collection is available for purchase from 15 August 2023 onwards at selected PUMA stores (KLCC, Pavilion KL, Sunway Pyramid, Queensbay Mall, IOI City, Lalaport Bukit Bintang, East-Coast Mall, Aeon Bandaraya Melaka). All products range from RM 159 – RM 749.

Global sports company PUMA is racing ahead into winter with BMW M Motorsport via the launch of their latest collaboration, the 24H OF THRILLS COLLECTION. Designed to bring the excitement of GT and endurance racing into everyday life, this collection captures the essence of speed, power, and precision that is at the heart of BMW M Motorsport.


The 24H OF THRILLS COLLECTION embodies the passion and innovation that define the collaboration between PUMA and BMW M Motorsport. This range allows motorsport enthusiasts to embrace the adrenaline of the track in their everyday lives, combining style and performance seamlessly.


Among the standout pieces in the collection is the BMW M Motorsport sweat jacket and Trinity mid shoes, embodying the cutting-edge technology and performance that BMW M Motorsport is renowned for. Whether you're at the track or out on the town, these pieces make a bold statement and celebrate the spirit of motorsport.

Global sports company PUMA is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Autumn Winter 2023 collection, in collaboration with Scuderia Ferrari. Drawing inspiration from Scuderia Ferrari's legendary victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the 1960s, the Scuderia Ferrari collection showcases an unrivalled fusion of racing heritage and contemporary design.


The collection celebrates Scuderia Ferrari’s extraordinary journey on the world motorsport stage. Between 1960 and 1965, Scuderia Ferrari secured consecutive victories, the last one with the 250 LM Berlinetta GT. With a total of ten Le Mans trophies, including this year's with the 499P Hypercar, Ferrari's legacy is unparalleled.

Global sports company PUMA is aiming to build on the success of its partnership with sportscar manufacturer Porsche, with the release of their latest legacy collaboration collection: the PUMA x PORSCHE LEGACY TURBO S.


Drawing inspiration from the timeless Porsche DNA, the collection embodies a clean and classic vibe. It represents the essence of Porsche's rich heritage and motorsport legacy, while capturing the essence of its powerful engines, sporty features, and distinctive design – giving your wardrobe an extra boost of style and performance.


To infuse further fresh energy into the autumn season, the range introduces vibrant color combinations along with the energetic Porsche Legacy color: Lemon Chrome. Adding even more style to the Porsche themes, be prepared to turn heads as you step out in PUMA Black, Bold Blue, and Sand Dune. The range features elevated graphics, premium materials, and fresh designs that pay homage to the iconic Turbo S line of Porsche 911 models.

The color palette of the collection reflects the dynamic spirit of BMW M Motorsport, featuring iconic shades such as PUMA Black, PUMA White, Cool Cobalt, Pro Blue and Pop Red. These colors perfectly complement the sleek and modern aesthetic of the collection, making it a must-have for motorsport enthusiasts.


The 24H OF THRILLS COLLECTION is proudly showcased by none other than PUMA's Southeast Asia (SEA) Motorsport Ambassador, Choo Sung-hoon, a.k.a "Sexyama" – a renowned Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) athlete and celebrity.


The BMW MMS: 24 HOURS OF THRILL COLLECTION by PUMA is available for purchase from 15 August 2023 onwards at PUMA Stores. All products range from RM 159 – RM 479.

The Scuderia Ferrari Collection captures the spirit of Ferrari's triumphs with a striking blend of signature colors and co-branding. Embracing the iconic Rosso Corsa (red) and Giallo Modena (yellow), the collection offers a wide range of apparel choices that embody the essence of Scuderia Ferrari's racing heritage. From T-shirts and hoodies to statement jackets and shorts, every piece in this collection reflects the bold, fast, and stylish nature of the Prancing Horse. The attention to detail and incorporation of Scuderia Ferrari's heritage design cues make this collection an incredible representation of the brand's timeless legacy.


Gear up for success and get your PUMA for Scuderia Ferrari “A Story Of Success” collection, available for purchase from 15 August 2023 onwards at all PUMA Stores. All products range from RM 159 – RM 529.

One of the standout features of the collection is the incorporation of the well-known and established TURBO wording. It will be showcased alongside the iconic 911 car silhouette, creating an exciting logo story that runs throughout the collection, accentuating its unique character.


The PUMA x PORSCHE LEGACY TURBO S collection offers a range of trend-relevant silhouettes, whether it's the elevated polo with its relaxed cropped fit or the statement unisex jacket. For those seeking an effortlessly cool look, the statement pants and dungarees provide a regular fit, contrast piping, and a mix of fabrics that exude style and functionality.


Don't miss your chance to revamp your wardrobe with the PUMA x PORSCHE LEGACY TURBO S collection, available for purchase from 15 August 2023 onwards at (PUMA KLCC, Pavilion KL and Genting Sky Avenue). All products range from RM 159 – RM 599.

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