The emblem, inspired by the snowcap of the Mont Blanc and symbol of the highest standards of perfection, is paired alongside the black lacquered wall panels, recalling the uniqueness of Montblanc precious resin, representing the life and soul of Montblanc and its quest for constant evolution through innovation.


The third element is the passion for craftsmanship, the value that has punctuated the Maison’s long history. Narrated through the structured architecture and dark wood composition, it is inspired by the wood furniture used by craftsmen to practice their skills in each of the Maison’s manufactures whether watchmaking, writing instruments, leather goods or jewellery.


The selection of refined materials inside the boutique not only express the Maison’s European codes of elegance and spirit of craftsmanship, but also serve to identify each category by the distinct materials with which they are usually associated. Watchmaking is brought to life through the use of bronze-sheen brass, and walnut wood reflect the Maison’s leather goods expertise; while lacquers and fine metals evoke writing instruments and jewellery.

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Maison of Fine Lifetime Companions

The luxury Maison expresses its core values in a new immersive retail experience emphasizing fine European craftsmanship, a heritage of sophistication and the pursuit of innovation.

Montblanc, the leader in men’s luxury accessories, opened its renewed flagship boutique of over 120 square metres at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur with new boutique concept introduction. Striking a balance between contemporary design and classical elegance by mixing black, white and textures of wood, the new boutique concept offers an inviting and relaxed atmosphere with multi-sensory experience to discover a journey into the heart of the Montblanc universe.


Through the eyes of renowned French interior designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, the immersive Montblanc retail environment features three main design themes linked to the roots of the Maison.


Cursive handwriting associated with the Montblanc fountain pen is the starting point for the overall design. The curve gesture that gives shape to the retail space evokes calligraphy and the culture of writing.

The art of writing


Montblanc has revolutionized the culture of writing with breakthrough innovations. Today, the Maison continues to push boundaries and evolve the expression of fine craftsmanship across each of its product categories. The writing instrument experience is enhanced with the newly introduced ink bar which enables customers to engage with product experts to enjoy the pleasure of writing. 8 different nib sizes of the Montblanc writing instruments are on display complemented with 13 shades of Montblanc inks offering customers a comprehensive experience for the art of writing.

An enriched customer experience awakens the senses


The new storefront of today’s concept presents an elegant facade with recognizable Montblanc DNA elements while projecting a welcoming atmosphere through the stylish design treatment. A large entrance space offers customers instant visibility of the various product categories from the outside, inviting them inside to continue their journey. Subtle lighting, the touch of the many textures and the distinctive smell of exquisite leather, the interior design evokes a true sensory experience and demonstrates Montblanc’s commitment to providing a handful of unique experience.

Bridging classical watchmaking and fine writing experience with state-of-the-art technologyAt the rear of the boutique consists of the New Technology Corner where digital enthusiasts can experience the Maison’s new digital interpretation of fine watchmaking; combining Swiss design codes of traditional timepieces and brand-new technology with the Montblanc Summit 2 Smartwatch as well as the Maison’s latest Augmented Paper editions, where the art of writing is transposed to the digital world.

Minerva fine watchmaking legitimacy – more than 160 years of fine watchmaking heritage Upholding the Minerva legacy and paying tribute to more than 160 years of fine watchmaking history, the new Pavilion boutique also features the Montblanc Minerva Watchmaking Timeline along with display of its Swiss timepieces. The timeline highlights key milestones of the Minerva’s legacy, focusing on Montblanc’s unique fine watchmaking explorations – the Spirit of Exploration based on the saga of military watches (Montblanc 1858), the Spirit of Sophisticated Elegance (Montblanc Heritage), the spirit of Formal Elegance, classical pocket and wristwatches (Montblanc Star Legacy) and the Spirit of Racing featuring the unique exploration of timekeepers and stopwatches (Montblanc TimeWalker) – that all link the past and the present through design, style and technical innovation, underlining Montblanc’s fine watchmaking legitimacy.

The Collectors Lounge  

The new boutique concept also offers an intimate space where collectors can view limited editions or experience Montblanc customization services, from bespoke nibs to Creation Privée personalization in the most comfortable and private setting.


A milestone in Montblanc’s long history, the sophisticated and contemporary environment invites existing connoisseurs and new generations of customers to discover the Maison’s rich heritage. The new Montblanc boutique concept offers an immersive space where customers can truly appreciate the thoughtfulness, passion and skill invested in every single Montblanc piece.

The Leather Atelier with a touch of personalization


In the Leather Atelier, the focus is on a “touch and feel” experience, where Montblanc’s expertise, know-how, creativity and collections are revealed through the senses. The sight, feel and smell of fine Italian leather can be enjoyed by browsing Montblanc’s small and large leather goods. The new Leather Atelier also features personalization embossing services where customers can personalize their choice of Montblanc leather goods with a variety of fonts and colors.

The Montblanc Pavilion boutique is re-located at

Lot 3.40 & 3.41, 3rd Floor, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Bintang and is contactable via 03-2144 3323